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DirtQuake holds its own as one of the most unique motorsport events in the world as they have all but one simple rule, race any bike that can pass an MOT. This super simple rule releases the inner cool in every rider / motorcycle as the creativity on racing outfits and motorbike styles hit a level only possible from speed freaks, gear heads and adrenaline chasers across the world.

With this fun side from DirtQuake, they also host the DTRA Flat Track series and in particular, the Hooligan race series. This series is all about racing heavy and big capacity road bike bruisers on the oval dirt track so of course we were going to be part of this event as we head back to some Harley-Davidson roots with Flat Track racing whilst enjoying / relishing in the fact that such an awesome event exists in our extraordinary generation!

We went racing for the first time on Friday 7th July 2017 as we entered the DTRA Hooligan series at Dirt Quake. We transformed a standard Street Rod into a custom Flat Tracker (check the snaps below) so that it could be ridden by our rider, Grant Martin and after hitting the left turns hard and throttling it around the track, we finished 1st in the Hooligan class at Dirt Quake. What a way for us to start this exciting new motoring adventure!

Harley-Davidson DirtQuake

Prior to race day, 36 days to be precise, this project came together when old school friends, Harry (our Chieftain) and Grant (our Flat Track rider) sat in the pub and decided to start this exciting venture together as this project could combine three of their passions; Harley-Davidson heritage, racing and building a custom bike. Let's not forget Grant's dad, Steve Martin from T&S Engineering, who also got involved with this project as all the welding / fabricated elements that you see on the Hurricane was carried out by Steve... Way to go dad! Now onto our next race...

DirtQuake 2018 Dates: 17/08/2017 - 19/08/2017


Harley-Davidson DirtQuake

Our Custom Street Rod Designed Specifically for flat track racing

Harley-Davidson DirtQuake

Fabrication works carried out by T&S Engineering

Harley-Davidson DirtQuake

DirtQuake 2017 as Grant Takes on Carl Fogarty

Harley-Davidson DirtQuake

Grant competes in the 2017 Hooligan final @ Dirt Quake

Harley-Davidson DirtQuake

Grant Wins the 2017 Hooligan final @ Dirt Quake


Grant Martin took team MSHD through to the Hooligan final as the stage was set, it was old school heritage rivalry between Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycles for that number one podium spot but there was only ever going to be one winner in this final...

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