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Online-store : Compact Tire Gauge And Tread Depth Indicator

Harley-Davidson® Compact Tire Gauge and Tread Depth Indicator
Item code: #75137-98B £50.26
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Compact Tire Gauge and Tread Depth Indicator

Product Description Combination dial air pressure and tread depth gauge provides easy access to the valve stem. A durable internal diaphragm provides accurate air pressure readings with a dual range indicator for 0-60 psi and 0-400 kPa readings. The pressure relief valve is activated by a push button to eliminate inner gauge air pressure after use. The integrated tire tread depth gauge features a dual-range color-coded indicator, calibrated in 1/32" (0-14/32") and millimeters (0-11mm), for monitoring tread wear. A protective rubber boot covers the housing to protect the gauge from impact and abrasion.

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