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Online-store : Harley Bike Wash Kit®

Harley-Davidson® Harley Bike Wash Kit®
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Harley Bike Wash Kit®

Product Description Bike Wash Kit includes the essentials required to clean your bike. Sunwash™ Bike Soap cleaner is formulated to promote sheeting action that prevents hard water spots, and rinses clean even on hot sunny days. Biodegradable. Bug Remover spray melts away bugs without damaging metal, plastic or painted surfaces. Biodegradable. Wash Mitt features premium quality wool-blended material with extra-dense pile for scrubbing power and durability. Machine washable. Bug Eater Sponge helps remove debris without scratching surface finishes. Synthetic Drying Chamois that is safe for use on all surface finishes. Synthetic material is extra absorbent and dries without streaking. Microfiber Detailing Cloth can be used for washing, cleaning or buffing. The cloth can be used wet or dry and is safe for use on all surface and finishes.

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