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Online-store : Premium Ride Hand-Adjustable Touring Shocks

Harley-DavidsonĀ® Premium Ride Hand-Adjustable touring Shocks
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Premium Ride Hand-Adjustable touring Shocks

Product Description Experience the ultimate in superior ride quality with these Premium Touring Shocks. These shocks utilize a single tube, nitrogen charged emulsion design. The design offers enhanced compression and rebound damping compared to the Original Equipment-style air adjustable shocks. This provides a controlled yet plush ride with much less bottoming. The compression and rebound damping is split between the two shocks-compression on the right and rebound on the left. This design balances the load of each shock; stiff spring with rebound damping on the left and soft spring with compression damping on the right. Larger chambers (40mm diameter pistons and 14mm rods) allow these shocks to react more quickly to impacts. This keeps the tires tracking while minimizing harshness transmitted through the frame. A simple knob behind the left saddlebag allows the rider to conveniently modify the spring preload via a hydraulic adjuster. Available in Standard Ride Height and Low Ride Height versions. Low Profile.

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