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Online-store : Screamin' Eagle® Nut Grabber Lighted Pick-Up Tool Kit

Harley-Davidson® Screamin' Eagle® Nut Grabber Lighted Pick-Up Tool Kit
Item code: #94148-10 £11998.80
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Screamin' Eagle® Nut Grabber Lighted Pick-Up Tool Kit

Product Description Make picking up hard-to-get-to dropped nuts and bolts an easier task with these unique pick-up tools. Both tools feature illuminated tips for working in low-light areas, with LED lamps that are brighter, more durable, and longer lasting than traditional bulbs. The lighted Claw Tool features a 22" flexible reaching arm that is tipped with an expanding four-finger gripping claw. Easy to operate with one hand, you just push the plunger to open the jaw and grip the object, and then release to grab. The bright tip-mounted LED lamp automatically switches on to help you search in low-light areas. Claw can retrieve objects up to 5 lb.The Magnetic Flashlight features a flexible telescopic arm that extends 20" to reach into deep, tight areas. The powerful magnetic tip can retrieve objects up to 3 lb. To help find objects in low-light areas, the flexible tool is attached to a powerful LED flashlight that illuminates the magnetic tip. You can easily manipulate the tool and light with one hand.

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