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Online-store : Ventilator Quick-Release Compact Windshield

Harley-Davidson® ventilator Quick-Release Compact Windshield
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ventilator Quick-Release Compact Windshield

Product Description In a nutshell, a windshield should provide a barrier between the rider and errant bugs, discarded cigarette butts, flying debris and bad air. The shield should manage airflow and wind blasts to create a pocket of still air for both rider and passenger comfort. But if you ride in a warm climate or spend time at low speeds stuck in traffic, you need to keep some air circulating around your body to stay comfortable. The Ventilator Windshield features clear injection-molded vents that allow you to adjust the airflow to match the riding conditions. Opening the vents redirects the air across your chest for a cooling effect and closing the vents provides maximum wind and weather protection. But when you want to ride "naked," the detachable shield can be removed completely and reinstalled in seconds to match your riding mood. 19

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