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Online-store : Battery Charging Harness With LED Charge Indicator

Harley-Davidson® Battery Charging Harness with LED Charge Indicator
Item code: #66000005 £17.92
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Battery Charging Harness with LED Charge Indicator

Product Description A well-maintained battery can last 5+ years. This Battery Charging Harness simplifies charging the battery, and features an integrated LED indicator light that illuminates when your battery voltage drops to a level that requires charging. Just attach the ring terminals to your battery and route the harness for easy access to the plug connector. When the LED glows, it's time to connect the bike to a Harley-Davidson® Battery Tender. Compatible with all Harley-Davidson Battery Chargers, the harness features in-line 7.5 Amp fuse protection, and the plug connector is protected with a weather-shield cap when not in use.

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