Battle Of The Kings 2019
Battle of the kings 2019

Harley® custom bike build contest


Fat The Ripper - Custom Fat Bob

Slick and unique with a bit of MSHD funk - we proudly introduce our entry into the 2019 Battle of the Kings competition! We've created a custom build that has a ‘futuristic’ approach (similar to the all-new FXDR and LiveWire models) and is designed for you to get out there and rip it up on any terrain! Scroll down to check out our entry and the story / journey behind our custom build.


Battle of the kings 2019

Inspiration Behind our design

We didn’t want to produce anything that was already part of the common vernacular in the Harley-Davidson world, so we decided to join the FXDR and LiveWire models with a more ‘futuristic’ approach. It’s a strong transition that the custom motorcycle culture needs as new technically advanced models are released, we need ways of customising these models. Our build has several styling cues from each of the model types in the dirt category (that’s why you’ve got to love custom bikes!), but we opted to bring it to the competition through the ‘Race’ category!

We were hell-bent on building a custom bike that made people want to get on and hit the track or roads, not a bike that’s simply admired inside a dealership or garage. The race category gave us the spark we needed to achieve this because no race bike is built to gather dust!

Battle of the kings 2019
Battle of the kings 2019

Custom Changes

Not much on this build has been left untouched, but each change compliments the next as we subtilty changed the classic line and shape of this build, fabricated custom elements to make it unique and slick, and added modern parts that we thought would best suit this build.

Our build includes several significant changes, some more visible than others! Most will spot the custom exhaust (which we worked closely to develop with our friends at RB Kustoms - their expert craftsmanship really brought this to life), our custom rear section and tank (fabricated by our master technician) and in-house fabricated tank console to accommodate the new instruments. The new sub-frame on this build isn’t as easy to spot as we took the rear frame from the FXDR and fixed it to our Fat Bob frame.

Battle of the kings 2019

Challenges With Our Build

Building custom motorcycles is a wonderful thing, it gives you a sense of excitement, anticipation and frustration – which are all addictive and part of the fun! With a challenging timeline to get our build finished, it certainly gave our mechanics a few grey hairs!

Battle of the kings 2019
Battle of the kings 2019

Our Custom King

Michael Elm (35) – Master Technician. My interest in bikes was born and bred from the streets (and parking lots!) in Washington DC. As a kid, I watched riders head off for a ride on cruisers, bobbers, trackers, scooters or even dirt bikes. I knew then that there was an intrinsic charm to motorcycles and they shaped my childhood then adulthood.

As illustrated by BOTK, Harley-Davidson motorcycles are the perfect canvas for customisation because so many different styles can be built around them to produce motorcycle art at its finest! As much as the motorcycles are Harley-Davidson, it’s also the social sphere that comes along for the ride – the brand holds a special place in an untold amount of people’s lives.

Battle of the kings 2019
Battle of the kings 2019


The Rules Of The Competition



Models available: Street® range, Sportster® range, Softail® range or Touring range. The customization budget was 50% of the bike value, this includes; parts, accessories, paint, fabrication and labour. Build has to include a minimum of 50% genuine Harley-Davidson parts and the bike must be road legal. All entries must be able to be re-created for the same cost and sold for that price (max retail price includes bike, parts, paint, fabrication and labour).





Feeling Inspired?

When it comes to customisation, we're on board with you on any project, from the smallest and most subtle adaptions, to the most ambitious complete builds. Talk to our parts advisors about exactly what you'd like to get out of your bike and how you want it to look and feel. We'll discuss all the different options available with you and find the perfect combination for you and your ride. Call 01622 711680 during opening hours, or follow the link below to send us a message.

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Photography by Aron Vickers




Aron has worked with us on all our Battle of the Kings entries and he kindly came back again to produce the stunning pictures that we all know and love. He's an absolute talent and one of the nicest guys you'll meet, so be sure to check out the rest of his work and get following on Facebook and Instagram.