Bar And Shield Award
Harley-Davidson Bar and Shield Award

Maidstone Harley-Davidson

MSHD Presented Bar & Shield Award Of Excellence 2016 & 2017


highest accolade a Harley dealership can win

Firstly, we would like to thank every single one of our customers for being absolutely epic and undoubtedly the driving force behind us winning such an award two years in a row, without each and every one of you, this wouldn’t of been possible.

It is with great honour and pride that we announce this huge achievement once again for Maidstone Harley-Davidson® as we have been presented the Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield award for the second year in a row, the highest accolade a Harley® dealership can win and be recognised for within the network.

This prestigious award is based on many elements but these are what we have worked on through your feedback via post sales questionnaires, in the moment surveys, reviews and emails:

✔ Exceptional levels of customer service and satisfaction

✔ Superior quality levels in motorcycles and sales

✔ Proficient levels of skilled and trained staff members within the dealership

✔ Factory trained technicians at the Dealership


As a dealership that is only six years old we are fully aware of the growing but extremely loyal customers that we have, this is what makes it so easy for our team to turn up at work day in and day out and give absolutely everything we can to ensure every person who steps inside our shop not only has the ultimate authentic Harley-Davidson experience but gets the best customer service possible.

We are extremely excited for what the future holds and what we will achieve next, just have absolutely no doubts that you will be hearing a lot more from MSHD as we don’t stop here at the Bar & Shield award but strive to elevate all things Harley-Davidson® and continue to deliver on all levels.

Everyone is welcome here at Maidstone Harley® so why not come in and see what all the fuss is about and experience our award winning dealership first hand. We are always open to hear your feedback as it's very important to us so don't forget to let us know how your experience has been!

Harley-Davidson Bar and Shield Award

Team Maidstone Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield Winners 2016

Harley-Davidson Bar and Shield Award

Team Maidstone Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield Winners 2017

Harley-Davidson Bar and Shield Award

"Winning the Bar and Shield award for the second year in a row has given us all here at MSHD an amazing sense of achievement. Since opening in late 2011 we have all been working extremely hard to build a fantastic dealership for existing Harley-Davidson customers and enthusiasts to enjoy but also welcoming prospective customers in to the world of Harley-Davidson. Along with this, our vision and goal has always been to build a team that can truly provide the very best levels of service in every aspect of the business and we truly believe we’ve come a long way to achieving that goal of being the best. It’s never easy and there have certainly been many challenges for us along the way but we’ve always stuck together and all continually try to improve day by day. Winning our first award in 2016 was a great acknowledgement of all the hard work we've put in so to be able to follow that up once again for 2017 is an absolute testament to the team. Whilst we are extremely happy to have won the Bar & Shield award for the second time, in only our sixth year of being open, we know the hard work must continue. The exciting thing for me as we kick off 2018 is my team is even stronger now than we were last year and we’ll be looking to continue growing and improving our team to ensure Maidstone Harley-Davidson consolidates its status of excellence in to the future. I am extremely proud and grateful of all my team and long may that continue."


Harry Pearce, Dealership Principal




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