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Street Rod™ - Test Ride Experience


With Andy Card

There isn't much that our super slick sales advisor Andy doesn't know about Harley's and with several years under his belt of riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles through the ages, Andy was the perfect candidate to put the all-new Street Rod™ to the test! With a brand new model introduced to the Street range from Harley-Davidson here in 2017, Andy couldn't wait to put the bike through its paces and really see what the new new High Output Revolution X™ engine has to offer. Scroll down to read Andy's full review or click the link below to get yourself booked in for a test ride:




Setting The Scene

We arrived at the Harley-Davidson headquarters in Oxford on a cold Tuesday morning with the threat of hail stones and rain lurking over us. After a briefing about the technical changes, power enhancements and thinking behind the new Street Rod, it was time to hit the road (this was perfect timing as the threat of bad weather diminished!). We were split into groups of six riders and were told that the planned ride out would take 75 minutes and this would also include the opportunity to ride other models from different manufacturers, so accompanying the Street Rod was the Ducati Scrambler, Triumph Street Twin and Kawasaki Z800.

The planned route was absolutely spot on as we had a beautiful mix of country lanes, town roads and high speed dual carriageways around the Oxford and Abingdon area, this gave us the perfect recipe to really get a feel for the Street Rod on different terrains and at different speeds.

Street Rod Test Ride


The Verdict

I didn’t really have much to report on the competition as nothing really blew me away during my experience of riding the different models but I did love the look of the Ducati Scrambler. This didn’t last long as I found it extremely difficult to ride because it was way too small for me / for my liking. The real surprise for me during this experience was how Harley-Davidson made so many differences to the already cracking Street and we all know how well that model has been received with 35,000 sold worldwide, but we also know that Harley had a winner on their hands so you have to ask the question, why bother? The answer is simply because they can and boy, what a change!

If you want a bike with more purpose, poise, power, braking and sheer style, then this is the bike for you. How they’ve achieved this for only an additional £800.00 is outstanding and I honestly couldn’t believe it was the same bike, but then again, it isn’t. With new forks, suspension, brakes, frame, tank, handlebars, mirrors and a more powerful engine these all make for the perfect recipe to a super exciting new bike from Harley.

I was the lead in our group of six which resulted in me riding behind an Electra Glide Ultra with a professional rider on board. This guy was really hustling along through our planned route and I have to say that the Street Rod took everything that I could throw at it. The front twin discs with ABS were a super positive addition and the braking was accurate as they kept the bike straight and under control. The seating position and new bars meant that the ride is weighted at the front and in perfect position to make full use of that extra power. The additional BHP meant keeping up with traffic and overtaking could be done without having to adjust your riding or wait for a gap to open up. The new styling gives the bike a more powerful stance, along with the new tank position and rear seat cowling complementing each other nicely.

I found the Street Rod a cracking bike to ride and it offers our customers another bike in the sub £7000.00 sector, who else offers that? Well done Harley-Davidson!








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