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Want To Take Your Ride To The Next Level?

Exclusive offer on Stage 1 Upgrades

Get 10% off a Stage 1 upgrade until 30 June 2019. Take your ride to the next level with a full Stage One upgrade, including a super tuner and enhanced air filter and exhaust system. The best part about getting a Stage One upgrade is that you can tailor it to your taste and make a world of difference to your Harley-Davidson.


What is a stage 1 upgrade?


Ideal for riders that want to enhance the performance, look and sound of their motorcycle: This delivers the perfect foundation for future upgrades.

Stage 1 offers up the most cost-effective step to improve performance. Match any high-flow air cleaner and exhaust, along with the proper ECM calibration to increase the air flow into and out of the engine and you’ll feel up to a 10% increase in performance throughout the entire RPM range.


1 - Enhanced exhaust systems provide less restriction for the gases to escape, but also have the added perk of giving the bike that raw, powerful, Harley sound!

2 - Stage 1 upgrades are a widely recognised addition and will certainly add value to your bike.

3 - Not only will the conversion increase the overall BHP and provide that traditional Harley-Davidson sound, but you'll also find the response from the throttle will be crisper and sharper, and your riding experience more enjoyable overall.


The price of a Stage 1 upgrade can greatly differ, depending on which air filter and exhaust system you opt for, and can range from £800 - £2000+ for professional fitting and calibration. As there are so many different options and interpretations, pricing is unique to each bike and rider.


When it comes to the air cleaner kit and exhaust system, there is an abundance of choice to customise the look of your Harley, and most would agree that these additions make the world of difference.


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